Range Closures – April 18th and 19th

Sunday, April 18th is 2021 Spring Range Clean-Up Day. All Ranges Closed until work is completed.

This is the day when members old and new, young and old conduct cleaning and maintenance tasks to prepare the ranges for a summer of use. For probationary members, this is an opportunity to earn work credits. The more members that attend, the more we can accomplish and the less time and effort it will take.

Starting time is 9AM. Coffee and doughnuts will available well ahead of time, so feel free to arrive early. Primary jobs will include building target frames, clearing brush, raking broken clays, and painting. Please bring shovels, rakes, brush clearing tools, weed whackers, hammers, screw guns etc. Tools will also be available.

Most work will be outdoors and the forecast is for some rain, so dress accordingly.

Due to ongoing health concerns, participation is limited to club members only. Membership cards must be worn. Masks are at the discretion of the individual. Please bring and wear one if you feel it is appropriate. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and get well.

Contact Chuck with questions.


Monday, April 19th. We will be hydroseeding down range. All Outdoor Ranges Closed.

The work may not be visible from the Firing Lines so do not assume that your not seeing anyone means that everyone is done and gone, making it safe to shoot!

The Indoor Range remain open on Monday while the outdoor ranges are closed.

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  • I was wondering if you folks were holding the NMLRA territorial matches this year and if so when. I did not see them on your calendar but then again I am not very good with this stuff.
    Thanks, Russ Atherton

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