Sunset Mountain’s Pin Shoots start at 9:00 AM and run until 12 noon. Come join us to see how easy it is (or isn’t) to knock 5 bowling pins off of a table with a handgun.

We have two basic types of competition. In one (Type T) a single shooter fires while being timed, in the other (Type A) four shooters each get their own table of pins and simultaneously try to be the first to clear his (or her) table.

The distance is short (10 years) and the targets are full size bowling pins so it should be easy, right? Well, not always. The pins must be completely cleared from the table. If you simply knock them down that just presents you a smaller target to aim at. The tables are 4′ deep meaning the pins have to be moved quite a ways to be knocked off the back. While larger calibers may be harder to shoot quickly and accurately, a bigger bullet will better move the pins. This is something to think about as you are putting the third mag in your 9mm… smaller calibers CAN work – if you shoot (really) well.

Fees are: $5 for four timed (Type T) runs and $1 to enter each ‘4 Shooter’ (Type A) round with $2 going to the club and $2 going to the winner. Costs are kept to a minimum – basically enough to cover the purchase of pins and refurbishing the tables. If there is interest, many of our pin shoots include ‘special’ rounds. In the past we’ve restricted relays to single action revolvers, small carry guns, or black powder.

For safety’s sake, this competition is shot 10 yards from the berm on the 100 yard Range