Winter pistol league (22 Caliber Bullseye) that begins in October and ends in April. .22 Caliber Bullseye is a NRA discipline requiring shooters to shoot a 22 caliber handgun (Iron sighted or scoped) one-handed at a target 50 feet away. Each match has three separate timed events per match; 10 shots in ten minutes, two strings of 5 shots in 20 seconds and two strings of 5 shots in 10 seconds. Each night we shoot 2 such matches. The indoor pistol league shoots Wednesday and Thursday nights starting at 6 PM, a second relay, if needed, starts around 7:15. Full participation requires shooting one night per week, although shooters may compete on multiple nights to make up a missed match or shoot ahead.

The cost is $20.00 registration fee with a nightly match fee of $4.00, this covers the cost of targets and an annual banquet at the end of the season. You can also pay $100, up front, to cover the entire season. There is no charge for junior shooters (under 18).

Some shooters participate in the NH Pistol League for an additional fee. Club league scores are compiled and sent to the State League for rankings for the team and for individuals. It costs $50 for the entire season and you must complete 32 matches to rank.

The NH Pistol League in an attempt to gain new shooters (and retain older ones) the league has adopted a two handed version of this discipline. This is intended for new shooters that need a year to hone their skills or the aging folks that still want to compete. New shooters will be expected to transfer over to a one handed shooting the following year once they become proficient. Anyone interested please e-mail John Murray ( so I know how many shooters are planning on shooting and if you plan on shooting one or two handed.

The league runs for 20 weeks (40 Matches).