Indoor Range Closure

The indoor range will be closed for new member safety orientation. The indoor range will be closed to shooting from 8 AM to 4 PM for the three days over which new member orientation is scheduled.

Orientation dates are Saturday, March 13th, Sunday March 14th, and Saturday March 20th. If you wish to shoot indoors on any of these days before 8AM or after 4PM, please confirm with the Chief Range Safety Officer that the range is available and the meeting room is not in use.

The outdoor ranges will remain open during these times.

2 Responses

    • In general, the Club does not offer classes. There are some exceptions, assuming that the Pandemic doesn’t keep our activities restricted. At the moment, we are limiting most uses of the Club to members only.

      One safety and training program we offer annually is our Youth program. This typically meets monthly during the spring and summer seasons and focuses on firearm safety and skills for the young shooter. It includes both classroom and live-fire instruction. At present, this program is on hold while the State’s Emergency Orders remain in effect. We hope to resume the program later this year if we can make it work.

      We also have, in the past, hosted the NRA’s Women On Target program. As the name implies, it is a training and safety program specifically focused on women. Some years we also host the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) introductory rifle course. These are programs put on by organizations outside of the Club, so availability depends on the sponsoring organizations. Plus, of course, these opportunities have been on hold through 2020 and 2021.

      What the club generally does not offer is commercial firearms training at our facilities. We believe that for-profit activities conflict with the nature of our member-owned club. Personally, I would recommend the NRA website ( to search for a Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle class nearby or, if it fits your needs, use the State Fish and Game website to find Hunters’ Safety courses. There are also quality professional instruction programs available around New Hampshire.

      Hope this helps.

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