Q – I want to join what do I do?
A – Fill out the New Member Application and submit it to:

Sunset Mountain Fish & Game
PO Box 202
Canterbury, NH 03224

Q – How long does it take once I fill out the application?
A – We have a Membership Cap of 500 and we are currently at that cap. The bulk of recent applications have been accepted at the March meeting following their submittal.

Q – With potentially a long wait time why should I fill it out now?
A – The earlier that you get the application the sooner you have a chance to become a member. Membership levels ebb and flow each year.

Q – Why didn’t I get contacted and how will I know?
A – New Member Applications are reviewed for acceptance at the March Member Meeting. With the high amount of applications and individual contacts it would be extremely time consuming to respond to every query throughout the year. Check with Sunsetmountain.org event calendar for time, date, and location of the March Membership Meeting. It is your responsibility to attend this meeting for your name to be called as the applications will be accepted in the order that they were received by the club. If your name is called and you are not in attendance your application will be removed from consideration.

Q – What if all of the open slots for membership are filled before my name is called? Will I still be considered for membership?
A – Let us know at this meeting that you are still interested in joining and we will keep your application on file for the following year’s reconsideration. All applications are expunged each year with the exception of those who inform us that they would like to remain on the wait list.

Q – Is there any time when applications are reviewed other than at the March Membership Meeting?
A – Yes. Once the applicants are accepted they must attend the Spring New Member Safety Orientation. Occasionally, there are a few folks who were accepted to join the club but fail to attend the Mandatory Safety Orientation and they are dropped from consideration and we offer membership to the next persons on the wait list. This is a common occurrence.