Insurance provisions require that all guests at Sunset Mountain Fish and Game fill out a Waiver of Liability form. With this, guests agree to the same liability terms to which members have signed on to with their membership.

The form is to be completed jointly by the guest and the sponsoring member. Any guest present on site must have a form, completed in its entirety, submitted in the boxes provided at the range.

There are three such boxes on the 100 yard range, one at the Long Range, one at the Pistol Range, and in the Indoor Range. Each location has a box which contains the blank forms to fill out. Alternately, you may download and print a copy of the form from home (SMFG GUEST WAIVER) to be filled out and brought with you. Colocated with the blank-form boxes are Drop Boxes for you to leave the completed form. Sponsoring members must also sign and date the form and include their membership number. The guest must sign and date the form to acknowledge the waiver of liability.

Please note that a form must be completed for each guest brought to the range. Members must also fill out a new form each time a guest visits the range, even if it is someone that has been there as a guest before.

As a reminder, with the exception of open-to-the-public events, all guests on the Sunset Mountain Fish and Game property must be accompanied by a regular member. A member may, at any one time, have up to two such guests. A member who brings guests to the range must must refrain from shooting while their guests are shooting or handling firearms. Members are responsible for the policing, observation, and supervision of their guests at all times with respect to our Range & Safety Rules.

Members must remain in the immediate area and close by their guests at all times.

Any exceptions to the limit on the number of guests require documented approval from the President or the Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO).

SMFG GUEST WAIVER (printable form).