Sunset Mountain’s annual Lemon Shoot is a “Long Range with a twist” rifle match.

Competition should commence at 09:30 AM. In order for that to happen we need shooters to start arriving closer to (or before?) 09:00 AM to get signed in, assigned to relays and help set out the targets.

The course of fire for the match is one off-target fouling shot (optional) followed by five shots at each of 3 maniacal ground hog targets (black background, good luck spotting your shots) set at 100, 200 and 300 yards. This is followed by one shot at an egg (worth 10 bonus points) placed somewhere between 300 and 350 yards. The precise location of the egg will remain a mystery to shooters. Rangefinders are NOT allowed – you must make your best guess. Finally you take one shot at a lemon suspended at 500 yards. The Lemon is not worth any match points but IS worth considerable ‘bragging rights’ and your name will be added to the ‘perpetual plaque’!

All shooting is from a bench. There are NO sighter shots. Because the match is only 17 shots total, re-entry is permitted but shooting the same rifle again does not count for awards (if it did, you would have just had 17 sighting shots that others did not get).

Spotting and coaching IS allowed and encouraged.

$10 Entry Fee per course. For more information contact Roch