The Treasurer has devised a way to pay dues online. Although some of the details continue to evolve, there are now two systems that have been in place over the past couple of years. You can use Square to process your credit card or you can use a PayPal account to pay through their system.


Using Square

You can use a credit card, either remotely or in person, to pay your annual dues. Paying by card will add $4.00 to your renewal to cover for the card processing.

Follow the steps below to pay by credit card from home:

1. Fill out your renewal form like always but print “credit card” at the bottom of the form. You can either mail your form to the mailbox or you can send the renewal form electronically to Make sure you enter a correct email address, as this is how I send you the payment invoice. Note that your will be able to complete the process more quickly if you email your form as it will avoid delays associated with the mail and the time to pick up renewals from the Post Office box.

DO NOT put your credit card number on the form! It is all handled by the credit card processor.

2. When your renewal is received, the treasurer will send you an invoice from our credit processor. The message should be from “Sunset Mountain Fish & Game Club <>”. There will be a “Pay Invoice” button — click that and you will be taken to the credit card processor site to pay for it. Fill in your card information on that site and press “Pay”; you should then get another email saying your invoice is paid.

3. Once I get confirmation of payment, I will credit your renewal in the bookkeeping system, which will send a second invoice just like the ones you get when you pay by check or cash. This lets you know that your renewal has been updated in the Membership list. Your new card will then be sent out.

Remember that renewals postmarked after December 31st will have a late charge of $30.00 applied, so don’t wait until the final days in December!


Using PayPal

In addition to paying with a credit card via Square, you can now also use PayPal to send in your dues payment.

Follow the steps below to pay by credit card from home:

1. Send me your renewal form via email or postal mail and mark “PayPal” at the bottom.Your renewal cannot be processed without a completed form.

2. Open the link PayPal.Me/sunsetmtn in a web browser window.

3. Select the “Pay” button.

4. Log into your PayPal account. Add $4 for processing, so pay the following:

Senior Renewal – $101.50

Regular Renewal – $134.00

Family Renewal – $166.50

5. In the note section, put your name and member number.

6. Make sure to have sent your renewal form — again, renewal cannot be completed without the form!


If you have any questions about either of these methods, send an email to