Renewals must be completed by the end of January. There is a $30 late charge for not renewing by the end of December. For renewals submitted by mail, this is based upon the postmarked date.

Your current card is still valid through January and new cards should be delivered before February 1st. From the end of November through December, a lot of renewals must be processed. Please be patient as this is all handled by volunteers.

Seniors: $97.50 (65+ by 31 January 2024)

Regular Members: $130.00

Family: $162.50

New members who have performed all their service time and wish to apply their service fee to the membership renewal process should make sure that the treasurer is aware of their completed service and can determine the correct, discounted rate.

Renewal forms (available from the link on this page). You should fill out a new form if your information has changed from an earlier submission. If the club already has all the correct information from you, a new form is not required.


Payment can be made in one of three ways.

At the Meeting

Bring a check, debit, or credit card to the meeting. If none of your information has changed, you do not have to fill out a renewal form. When paying by check, include your member number on the check itself. This will ensure proper credit in the bookkeeping system.


By Mail

Mail a check to the PO Box:

Sunset Mountain Fish & Game Club, Inc.
PO Box 202
Canterbury, NH 03224

Like above, if none of your information has changed, you do not have to fill out a renewal form. Remember to put your member number on the check.

Please do not mail to the street address of the club as we do not have a mailbox. Do not leave your check at the club, stuck under a door or on a table. There is no way to guarantee that the check will be received and properly accounted for.


Using PayPal

You can pay via PayPal at Use the renewal costs above to figure out what you owe and use the “pay” button at the link. In the memo box, make sure to put your member number.

The club is no longer using Square to send out invoices as we did previously, as they have raised the cost. The club now “eats” the cost of the transactions for Square or PayPal, but the new price is excessive. Paying with a credit card at the meeting is still the same as before as Square did not change that cost.


If you have any questions about renewing, send them to

Remember that renewals postmarked after December 31st will have a late charge of $30.00 applied, so don’t wait until the final days in December!