Youth Shoot on Sunday

A reminder that our Youth Program continues this Sunday, September 18th at 9 AM.

This is a program open to all area youth residing (membership in the club membership is not required) to provide instruction in the safe handling and use of many types of firearms. We’ve been holding these events monthly all summer but there is no requirement for previous attendance. Each day is a stand-alone event and both experienced and new participants are welcomed.

Please be there a little before 9 AM, especially if you are new to the program. To take part, all participants must have a parent or guardian with them and we have some paperwork to complete before you get started. At 9 AM we begin with a short classroom session focusing on the safe use firearms and safety on the range, also mandatory. The students will then move outside to shoot club supplied rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders, and handguns in a one-on-one, coached environment. Individuals may choose to try any or all stations on offer, whatever is appropriate for comfort, age, and experience level. Afterwards we provide some basic instruction on the cleaning firearms cleaning and then serve a BBQ lunch. All firearms and ammunition is supplied by the club. We require eye and ear protection for all and have plenty available on site or you can bring your own. Food and drinks are also on the club.

For members… we’ve managed to make it through the summer personnel wise, but we’d do a little better with a few more volunteers. Instruction is one-on-one so we can always use some extra coaches. This is in addition to other jobs that help keep the event moving and the range safe. If you’re available on Sunday morning, please come by. If you’re there by 9 AM it will help the organizers know whom they have to assign where.

If you can’t make it this weekend, the program will wrap up in October, on Sunday the 9th.

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