Lemon Shoot

Our next Lemon Shoot is going to be held this Sunday, September 11th, 2022.

The Lemon Shoot is open to members of the public. We require that all non-member participants fill out the Guest Waiver form and have it initialed by the Shoot Director.

Firing is expected to commence at 9:30 AM. This requires that participants start arriving closer at 9AM or a little earlier to get signed in, assigned to relays, and help set out the targets.

The competition allows one off-target fouling shot (optional). The course of fire then allows five shots at each of 3 ground hog targets set at 100, 200 and 300 yards. You then have one shot at an egg, worth 10 bonus points, located at a mystery distance somewhere between 300 and 350 yards (rangefinders are NOT allowed!). The final shot is at a lemon suspended at 500 yards. The Lemon is not worth any match points but IS worth considerable ‘bragging rights’ plus a plaque.

All shooting is from a bench. There are NO sighting shots. Re-entry is permitted but shooting the same rifle again does not count for awards. Spotting and coaching IS allowed and encouraged.

A reminder that the range remains open during the competition but members must be prepared to follow the directions of the shoot director so as to accommodate the smooth operation of the event. Range activity should return to normal by noon.