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  • Hi i was wondering how long waiting list is to get in and about how much the yearly fee is? Also if it would be ok if my 7 year old could shoot as well or what the minimum age requirement is

    • The waiting list depends entirely on how many existing members do not continue their membership and how many applications we have received for new memberships. The current queue of new members is in the 30s. This is likely to exceed the available memberships for 2020. If you have an application in and do not make the cut-off in March 2020, you can resubmit your application for 2021 and get at the beginning of that line. There really isn’t any way to know in advance how many applications might get wait-listed.

      If you download the application, you can see the yearly fees for different membership types.

      There is no minimum age requirements for shooting; it depends on the individual. Young shooters should be mature enough to handle firearms as well as physically capable of controlling them. All youth (under 18) need to be supervised by a responsible adult. The Chief Range Safety Officer can help make a determination for youth who are under 10.

      Family memberships allow for married couples and their under-18 children to join together. This would allow your child to attend with you (the family membership still requires adult supervision of minors). As a full member, you may also bring a child under the guest policy. Note, however, that new members have a provisional membership that does not allow guests until they have completed the first year. For a new member to shoot with a non-member, a longer-time member would have to be responsible for that non-member guest.

      For younger children (or, for that matter, anyone under 18), you may be interested in our Youth Program. This program meets once per month during warmer weather (in 2019, April through October). This is a structured shooting event that is open to non-members as well as members and is free (including the loan of firearms and ammunition).

  • I was wondering about the free day to come site your rifles and your rifles it’s still on the 17th and the 17th of Monday alright is it on the 16th

    • I have October 23rd as the 2022 Public Sight In day. From 9am to 2pm. I did not have this listed on the website… sorry. I will update the web page and calendar shortly.

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